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Anonymous was like: do you use anything in particular for having this perfect skin?? you're the cutest

tbh i’ve never had acne problems with my skin my whole life~ but i do use this japanese kojic soap which whitens and clears up skin. hope that helps!’

trwa s/s 2014 
Anonymous was like: I'm bad at making new friends...I'm so weird and I'm on highschool now,and nobody want to talk to me...I feel so alone...

it’s alright I was like that too when I started high school and even today I still am. don’t worry, I know how it feels to be scared to talk to people. i don’t have any good advice on how to make friends in real life because it’s hard for me too. i’m sure you’ll eventually find someone similar to you. if everything fails i’ll be here to talk to :)


Saaya Hayashida